The Port City Paranormal® team first visited  the Ferry
Plantation House in February, 2009. Some call the
house "chatty", but we call it the
"House of Many Voices"

Before the arrival of european settlers in 1500s, the land
was the home to native Americans .The plantation was
named for the ferry that crossed the Lynnhaven
waterway in 1642.  
Close to this spot,
Grace Sherwood  faced Trial by
and was found guilty of witchcraft in 1706.  The
widow will forever be known as the
"Witch of Pungo".

After a short tour by curator and historian Belinda Nash,
we began our vigil by establishing baseline EMF readings
and photographing the entire site.
The house seemed to welcome us, except for  the  'Best
Parlor'. That one room seemed forbidding and much
colder than any other part of the house.  It was there I
felt a icy finger trace the small of my back...
During our EVP sessions, we recorded what sounded
like the  heart beat of the house that seemed to come
from everywhere and no where at once.   Amid a burst
of video static, we captured the sound of a  child giggling
in the dining area.  Through out  the night there were
unexplained loud crashes, whispers, humming and soft
whistling. The team spotted the Phantom Cat that haunts
the Ferry house on three separate occasions as it slipped
silently up the staircase and out of sight.
Spirit communication sessions produced some very
good EVP evidence, ( see next page please) We asked
the ghost "tell us your name", and were quite plainly told
During the same session Doug asked if I had a battery. I
didn't,  but Tony recorded the response," JOHNNY
GOT IT".  

The most surprising evidence of spirit activity  was
caught quite by accident  using a still camera.
We routinely photograph all areas we investigate for later
reference, and  while photographing the Parent Room (
Green Room), we noted something quite unusual.
Standing somewhere between the camera and the
window was an apparition of a young girl wearing a dark
dress with simple white apron. Some see a small dog to
her left.  Because we documented the entire room, we
were able to rule out the possibility of a mannequin or
another dress  being mistaken as the source. Careful
review revealed none of the dresses displayed were
similar to that worn by the apparition.
The Ferry Plantation House
Port City Paranormal
The Ferry Girl
Port City Paranormal ® has investigated the Ferry House Plantation six times since our first vigil.  
The  plantation house is the source of our award winning EVP and photographic evidence.  
The house continues to amaze us with it's many talkative spirits.
"The Ferry Plantation EVP Project"
PCP and five other paranormal groups contributed over 250 sample recordings for a study of
interpretation of Electronic Voice Phenomena
conducted and analyzed by Dr Mark Leary in 2009. Dr Leary is considered the authority in
EVP study and has written a chapter on the topic for  
Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century.
Edited by Edzel Cardena, John Palmer, and D. Marcusson-Claverez
Copyright Port City Paranormal®
All rights reserved