Battleship North Carolina  III
Port City Paranormal® team returned to the Battleship in January 2010.  We felt
more familiar with the ship and had been able to research the ship's archives to
learn more about daily life on board "The Showboat "
From the moment we arrived on the ship we knew there was something different
that evening.  The ship seemed charged, with static electricity and it was colder
than our last vigil.   Doug commented on the temperature, so did someone else...
On that frigid night, twelve team members prepared for this vigil.   Temperatures
were already in the mid 40's as we set up our gear. We planned a full out assault
using 6  IR video cameras with sound, our personal recorders and almost
everything listed on our equipment list !   From past investigations and our
research into the ship's history, we were armed with new questions. Our goal
was to try to identify individual spirits. We wanted to know who they were,  and
why they were still on the ship.
Soft whispers and mumbled voices followed us through the ship.  Knocks and
bangs answered our questions. We used EMF detectors to detect slight changes
in magnetic energy fields, backed by RF detectors. In theory the spirits can use
this same equipment to communicate.   There is no definitive proof of
communications using flash lights or meters, but EVP recorded during these
sessions, backed up our experiments using alternate means of communication..
The video that we have posted here, is  just one of the unexplained events that
occurred during this vigil.

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In the following video, Jane, Jennifer and Ali, head down to
the brig area at 1:00am. Doug came with us so he could
change the disc in our static video set up near the brig. As
Doug worked, the "girls" entered the brig and began to
explore the first cell on the right, taking pictures and
conducting an EVP session.
With his back to the brig, Doug changed the disc and
restarted the video camera.  He labeled the old disc, stored
it, turned, and walked back to main deck and returned to
his group.
What happened during those few moments while his back
was turned, still  remains a mystery.
Our personal audios recorded the 'girls' EVP session, the
camera sounds, but no noise of the cell door moving . The
actual squeal of the metal recorded plainly when we
opened the door to leave the cell, but NO sounds other
than our voices were recorded by camera or personal
recorder while we were inside the cell.   Jane stood with
her back inches from the cell door the entire time, and is
sure the door did not move.  Jen and Ali were facing the
cell door and saw no movement.  
This video remains unexplained...
Could this be a residual event, a phantom object or
doppleganger or perhaps a glimpse through a portal or rip
in the fabric of space & time?
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Brig Door
This next video was shot from Officer's Country looking back
at Sickbay...
We are unsure of what we have captured, ghost, shade or
alien?  Sickbay was active that night, with EVP and recorded
bangs and knocking.
Officers Country
We are still trying to
understand how  this
event occurred and
invite all to write us and
share your theory.
*   We developed our Grid system to investigate the ship, and now use
it to coordinate all our investigations.  The system has proven to be a
beneficial tool to prevent contamination of evidence from sounds
traveling through the ship and  it assures that no group is close to or
over top of another group of investigators. For years after this
investigation we can refer back to this form to see who was where at
any moment in time, and compare individual recordings.
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