Battleship  Investigations  II
  With the whole ship now open to investigation, the Port City Paranormal team  returned
to continue our  research.  Not all vigils are listed  but all  outstanding evidence is included
Our December 2009 vigil was unusual  as we had a film crew  from the university working
on a documentary of Port City Paranormal, entitled " Soul Mates".              
With the temperatures dipping into the thirties we were
wondering how long we could last in the bowels of the
ship.  Using both wireless and hard wired cameras, we set
up to record as much of this vigil as possible. Digital  audio
recorders were also placed to document the night's activity.

From the moment we stepped on the deck, The ghosts of
BB55 were watching our every move.  Doug commented
on how cold it was, the ghostly answer we caught was
While setting up near the barber shop,  we accidentally broke a light bulb. "Uh oh" JonMike said, "we're
in trouble now !"
 We all laughed, but a recorded a voice that suggested we "tell the truth"!.
Someone is always with us where ever we go on the ship. We  recorded whispers and moans through
out our watch. The voices responded to our questions, and called some of the team members by name.  
These sailors are not a glum bunch.  Doug groaned while stepping over a high coaming, saying "I've got
to loose some weight.." Someone  from beyond commented,   " Is That Right?"   

The sound of dripping water caught our attention from deep below Officers' Country. From the
flooded lower decks we heard movement. The sounds of footsteps, sloshing through shallow water were
heard but not recorded. Unable to access this area we lowered a microphone into the blackness where
the softest of whispers came from below... I called out "
Hello"...When the echoes passed, we recorded
a far off voice saying "
We're Down here..."
Play  these EVP  using
studio headphones
Later, after some of our team left early, Doug and I decided to
investigate by ourselves.  Having gained permission to go off the
public tour route, we made our way back down toward the brig.   
We checked on our camera equipment and moved about the lower
decks, all the while talking to  the spirits that we hoped would
respond. Tension mounted as each step we made eerily echoed
back from the pitch dark passage way.  We laughed half heartedly
and commented, "
This is a good time for  a ghost to appear!"   
Not a second later, as we turned to enter the engineers office,
something zoomed from the darkness directly  towards my face!
I snapped my head back, and collided with Doug, almost knocking
him off his feet.  Whatever it was came so fast, and was so close it
was a blur. I focused and saw a face staring at me; leering, just
inches away from my nose was the face of a man!
Time slowed ....  I saw his skin was pale and his large blue eyes
sparkled.   His hair was yellow with a reddish tint to the ends and it
seemed to float about his head and face.  Just as I realized what I
was gaping at, he broke a big smile that widened into an even  
broader grin. He seemed quite amused at my startled response.
Then, just as fast as he appeared, the face retreated back into the
darkness  till there was only a tiny point of light in the distance.
The speck of light winked out and he was Gone!

"Doug ! Did you see that?"
I thought about a story Danny' told us, about the man with the
burning head... No, Doug didn't see it, but Danny Bradshaw and I
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"Ghosts of the Battleship North Carolina"
by Danny Bradshaw
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