The Battleship USS North Carolina

Wilmington, NC
Port City Paranormal®  visited the    
Battleship for the first time in April 2009.   
Beside our core team, we were joined by
Ben Steelman  from the
Wilmington Star News, and Jeff Janowski
Photographer. We were initially
disappointed to find some of the most  
sought after areas on the boat were not
available due to restoration efforts, but we
began our investigation with high hopes.   
Danny showed us around the ship and
entertained us with stories of  his past
haunted encounters.
We placed Night Hawk IR cameras in
locations of  past reported activity, and  
additional digital voice recorders  were
positioned throughout the ship.
Our explorations of the ship was recorded
using IR handicams.
We discovered the ship also had it's own
"personality" of pops, groans and creeks
as it cooled down after the hot day.
Care had to be taken to prevent our
evidence from possible contamination by
noise and drafts from open hatch ways.
From the mess areas, we heard footsteps
that were not our own, faint voices and
loud  unexplained bangs. Two team
members  reported being touched and all of
us felt localized cold spots.
Through out the night there seemed to be a
playful spirit that lead us on a chase about
the aft of the ship.  The spirit also said a
bad word, common for a seaman!
The Engine Room seemed to have one
lonely sailor who took a liking to one of the
PCP ladies.  She felt the spirit as her hair
was gently pulled, but left the area after
becoming dizzy and nauseated. As she
left,an EVP was recorded saying  
"Don't Go....."
Sick Bay was very active that evening, the sounds of footsteps, shouts and muffled
voices echoed  down from the darkened passage way. Phantoms seemed  to rush by
us as we stood in the Warrant Officers mess.
EMF meters placed at one foot intervals in the passageway repeatedly signaled high
readings that  moved in a wave-like pattern.  Outside RF (radio interference) was
ruled out, but we were not able to explain the phenomena.
This brief note does not do the Battleship justice, it was only our first visit.....
Little did we know we would
return to investigate the
Battleship time and time again.
Each investigation brought us
closer to the spirits of BB55.
They knew us as friends, and
began to tell  us more.
Enjoy these EVP
Chow Time!
Copyright Port City Paranormal® All rights reserved
Check back for
BB55 Investigation #21
January 2016