Psychic Reflections II

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Psychokinesis & Energy Healing   

I don’t know much about healing, nor am I a healer, but I was intrigued to learn that Healing
is a form of Psychokinesis.
Incidences of Psychic Healing and Psychokinesis have been recorded for thousands of years.
Until the late 1920’s, no one considered it possible that Poltergeists and Healing were related.
Although PK is differentiated into Macro PK or large-scale movements seen by the naked eye,
and Micro PK effects are small scale, both can be measured. Examples of Macro PK would be
visible effects as seen in levitation, apports, spoon bending, spirit raps, or movement of solid
objects. Easily repeated Micro PK Experiments using dice rolling machines or RNGs allow
statistical measurements of Micro PK.
According to Louisa Rhine, both psychokinesis (PK) and Psychic (energy) Healing are
examples of a single phenomenon, namely “Mind over matter.” Either phenomenon can be
an unconscious or conscious act.
When comparing PK and PH the first similarity is, they both are forms of expressive Psi and
a demonstration of the minds ability to obtain information without the use of our normal
senses. Practitioners in both areas claim positive results are best achieved through a focused
state of mind produced by meditation, prayer, or other rituals that focus intention.
Psychic Healing (PH) defined as a deliberate influence of a person or persons, plant or
animal by means beyond those accepted or recognized by conventional medicine. Psychic
Healing seems to be a latent ability in many if not most people, and one that often includes
religious reverence.  
The intention in PH is to alter internal structures or functions in a complex living system.  Of
the many modes of healing practices, some PH involves sensations of energy fields when
influencing living targets. There seems be a Telepathic element to PH that occurs between the
practitioner and healee, which in turn promotes wellness and removal of disease. Elements of
Clairvoyance are also included in healing in the detection of disease. This information (or
“knowing”) combined with enhanced healing suggestion allows healee to alter their own bio
fields adding to the healing process. Many healers say the power to heal comes not from
themselves but from outside spirit control, the assistance of spirit guides or directly from God.
Psychic Healing is not just PK, but PK in living systems.
Although very much alike, with focused states of mind, heightened emotion, or tension, there
are many differences.
The definition of Psychokinesis (PK) is defined as direct mental influence on a physical object
or the movement of inanimate objects by the mind or psyche. In PK experiments, the subject
tries to mentally affect the outcome of some random process. Again, this is Mind over matter,
but on non-living organism such as dice. Some practitioners say the” talent” or “gift” of PK  or
healing is said to come from within the subject, and does not depend on the assistance spirit
guides, or the willingness or beliefs of a living target. The subject may be aware of these
abilities as in forced willing of desired results on target subjects, or unaware of the ability  as
demonstrated in cases of Poltergeist activity. Additional differences include PK subjects do not
report the sense of energy fields often reported in healing situations.
Possibly the greatest difference is that Psychokinesis is easier to study. Psychic Healing has
many unmeasurable variables, and specifically instances of healing in one patient cannot be
reproduced in another patient.
We hope that further studies of PK may reveal the mechanisms and transfer of energy seen in
the Healing arts.