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Learning  more about any paranormal
topic requires reading and study. We
recommend books on
Parapsychology, Anthropology,
Sociology, Psychology, and the
Physical Sciences.
There are many authors and many
different opinions, science is always
Dean Radin: Entangled Minds Extrasensory Experiences in a
Quantum Reality, &  The Conscious Universe,

Loyd Auerbach:  Author, Magician and Lecturer. For a
complete list of books and  articles  go to  www.mindreader.com

Elizabeth Egan Cox: Ghost Hunters Research Guide to
Free Internet Sources
 -  CharlesRiverPress.com

R. E. Guiley: Author of more than 50 books on various paranormal
Harper"s Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal
 a great  guide to general subjects.  
www.visionary living.com

William Roll: ThePoltergeist

Irwin&Watt: An Introduction to Parapsychology 5Th Ed.  
Text for Rhine introductory parapsychology class

Julie Beischel:  Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for
.   Introduction to the application of science to the
human experience.

Louisa Rhine: Mind Over Matter,  ESP In Life and Lab

J.B. Rhine: The Reach of the Mind.

S.D. Rogo: Parapsychology: A Century of Inquiry

S.D.Rogo/Bayless: Phone Calls from the Dead

Callum Cooper: Telephone Calls From the Dead

Pim van Lommel, M.D. Consciousness Beyond Life The
Science of the Near Death Experience

Stanley Krippner: Advances in Parapsychological Research

R.A. Moody, Jr:  Life After Life

Robert Cracknell must be the least typical
psychic in the world... He is totally down-to-earth,
blunt, aggressive and impatient; he is also
intelligent, honest, and obsessively, almost
self-destructively, devoted to his own vision of the
truth !  His is a voice voice which needs and
desreves to be heard.
-Colin Wilson

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Quality Courses in Parapsychology  
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