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EVP Specialist
Lead Investigator
Tech Manage
Port City Paranormal    
Battleship Crew
September 2009
Core Team
RoseMary Ellen Guiley
Author of over 50 Books and Encyclopedias on the  Paranormal
Visit her web site:
"Port City Paranormal brings an outstanding and balanced
expertise to paranormal investigation and research, backed
up by a solid track record of experience."
Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Loyd Auerbach :  aka "Professor Paranormal"
Director of The Office of Paranormal Investigation.
The OPI supports the investigation of aspirations, poltergeists,
hauntings and other anomalous psychic experiences with their
consulting and information services.

Web site:    
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Deb Bowen
Team - 2012

Tony Hall
Lead Investigator
Tech team
The Psychic Teachers
Deb Bowen & Samantha Fey
Promoting spiritual growth.
Listen to Deb and Sam on the Psychic
Teachers podcast
" BlogTalkRadio/PsychicTeachers "  
Live each Sunday at 8:00 pm!
You also can listen to archived shows on
We highly recommend  their outstanding
classes, held locally, and on the web!
Jeffery Miller
Jane  Anderson   Co-Founder  
Case  Manager
Lead  Investigator
Web Master
J. David Michaels
Our  most valuable resource for
spiritual guidance.
J. David Michaels (pen name) was
born in Ashboro N.C. and currently
lives in Greensboro. He is of  Native
American ancestry (Cherokee and
Creek) and has a B.S. in Computer
Science, a Masters in Theology &
currently is the Archbishop for his

The Chronicles of Gray Wolf
Port City Paranormal Consultants
Steven Bowen
Donna Giles
The Good Witch
Of the South
In Loving Memory of
our friend and team mate
Becky Bukowski
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"Probably the scariest part of the paranormal is not knowing what is going to happen next!"  DEA