Fort Fisher
* Fort Fisher was one of the last state owned battlefields in North Carolina that were still open
to paranormal researchers.
Unfortunately, this historic site is now closed to further after hours investigations due to
vandalism caused by amateur ghost hunters, thrill seekers, and artifact hunters posing as
legitimate paranormal investigators.

These events prompted Port City Paranormal®  to begin our 2008 program,
"Investigate the Investigator" ®  

Not all paranormal teams are trained in Parapsychological Field Investigating.

Before allowing anyone into your home or on your property,
be sure to ask the right questions, and to protect yourself, your family and property.
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Port City Paranormal was able to investigate the Ft. Fisher Battlefield at
night two times in 2008.  The  battlefield is well kept and  the local
history is extensive.           
We documented the  grounds with still photos before that evening and
we carried all the usual  equipment. I was filming with a Sony Ir video
camera, and  followed the  team past the museum to the river.   
Faintly, we could hear the loading of a container vessel across the river,
the sound easily mistaken for cannon fire! While filming on the board
walk, I sensed a presence behind me and quickened my step to catch up
with the others. Before I reached the safety of the team I was surrounded
by a deep cold that tingled and caught my breath as it moved through
me. The event left me shaken. The boys noted a chill in the air that
followed me as I passed behind them, and thought they heard a voice.  
During our second vigil another team member had a similar experienced.

The trees to the south of the main sally port seemed  to be inhabited by   
black shadows, and was witnessed on both  night vigils. While reviewing
our video evidence we noted a white form spinning from the trees and
moved over  our heads as we filmed.  Stills of the video showed only a
gray amorphous rotating cloud.
The parade ground also proved to be active.  
Around 3 am Doug thought he saw two of us bent over running from the
old barracks area towards Shepard's battery.  As Doug starred, he thought
it odd that I would be running, then realised the two figures were dressed
in dusty tan tunics and were only visible from the waist up.   As he
watched, the specters vanished into a soft glowing dusty mist...  It was a
clear night with a stiff breeze, impossible for fog.
Shelia noticed what she thought to be a drunk or injured man in the
same area on our second vigil. That apparition was also witnessed by
Doug from a different viewpoint  before it vanished.
EVP evidence was drowned out by the sounds of the ocean and a brisk breeze.
No EMF spikes were noted, and our team was unable to document  the shadows
or the ghost like apparitions. The video of  the fleeting disc shape in the mist  will
be added from our archives, but this anomaly  cannot be considered as evidence
of the haunting.
All Team members had personal experiences  during  one or both investigations
and a full body apparition of two men was sighted running across the open filed.
Port City had planned to return with more equipment, static Ir cameras  and a
larger team, but the site is now closed to night investigation.       
Fort Fisher  is a  very active site and with ghost sightings reported 24 hours a day!  
but traffic  makes investigating difficult.
Port City Paranormal
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