Of the nineteen audio clips captured that evening, only a few are clear enough to be posted. These clips
were recorded by Doug A. and Tony H.  They are unaltered except,the sound level has been boosted.

Play each clip several times, write down what you hear then see our interpretations. Decide if the EVP are
active or examples of Place Memory.
Isolation of EVP is not an exact science, and can be very difficult to learn.  
As we work to interpret EVP, we search for content that may relate to our questions or the history of the site.
Factors also considered are gender, emotion, accents, cadence, syllables, or phrases that could identify the
era of the speaker.  
PCP uses "Wave-pad"
The Battle of Forks Road
Port City Paranormal  Investigations
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No conclusive photographic evidence of paranormal phenomena was recorded on  
cameras, trap cams, or video recorders during this investigation.  Some of the still
shots show low lying mists that appear to have form, but these photos may be due to
weather or location.  In only one shot there appears to be two bright “red spots”.
Perhaps these areas are reflections of flash or IR, but no apparent cause of the
reflection was noted on the tree bark in the photo.
To collect more objective evidence, our team used multiple audio recorders
throughout the night.  It is very difficult to record sound during outside investigations.
Sounds can morph over distances, changing normal background noise into something
strange and eerie.  The light breeze that evening sounded like a storm buffeting the
microphones.  To our advantage, traffic was light that night, but contamination from  
randomly occurring noises, such as coughs, comments, or ambient sound made by the
living, can make identification difficult.
Mrs Catherine Horne
The Port City Paranormal team may have captured evidence that
Halyburton Park is haunted ground.
 Our experiences and the anomalies we
captured  corroborate the sightings reported by staff and visitors.
Who, or what  remains on the old Forks Road, cannot be established at this
Although we captured several faint EVP, they were not enough to  compare
with the known historical facts.

With such a rich history and frequent reports of paranormal activity, we feel
this haunted battlefield warrants further study. Port City Paranormal is
currently working on a research project investigating the nature and
frequency of recurrent hauntings.
It is our hope that each  subsequent vigil will increase our knowledge of the
spirits  that stalk the shadows. Maybe  we can help them find peace.

Perhaps a proud Confederate Ghost defends against the Union advance on
Federal Point. Maybe the soul of a boy in a tattered gray uniform waits
behind old entrenchment wall.  
A sense of sorrow pervades these grounds.   Somewhere, among the pines, a
breeze still carries the sound of a woman weeping in the night.
Port City Paranormal wishes to thank our host and guide, Mr Andy
Fairbanks,Halyburton Recreation Supervisor.  His participation in
the investigation and historical expertise was invaluable to our
We also want to thank the staff of Halyburton Nature Preserve and
the Cameron Art Museum for their time, and personal stories.
Our next investigation of the battlefield will be hosted by
Mr Johnnie McKoy .
This is not an EVP!  This is a  
recording of Doug's experience
along Forks Road

6)Short phrase by female &

1)Where are you from?
2) Whisper

4)Listen at .03 seconds.
Ignore goat like bleat( there
is no goat on PCP team)
3) Woman end of clip

5)Two evp one male one

7)Voices inside

1) After Doug asks where are you from:"Wilmington"

2) Soft voice at end of clip says "Yep"

3) Woman sobbing at end of clip.

4) Not a goat, but we hear the word "Horse"

5)"They (or he)must be here"(female) and "Lines

6) Female " Drink some water" also  whispered at end is
"Johnson" This is our favorite.

7) "Bright lights", "Lights, Yeah"

8) "They don't know your dead yet"
Male voice

The Cameron Art Museum
Host to reenactments of  the Battle of Forks Road
Februarys  during their

Civil War Living History Weekend

Visit the past as civil war soldiers make camp.  Featuring
1860s infantry and artillery demonstration, period music,
dress and artisan demonstrations.
Please see our Port City Paranormal Research Page for information
on our study of this historic battlefield.
Why is Halyburton home to ghosts and spirits and why does the
paranormal activity vary over time.