Ferry Plantation House
Since 1696, this area  was an important  ferry landing. The first building on the
grounds was a home  built by Col. Anthony Walke.  In 1735, also served as the
first  brick courthouse of Princess Anne County. The site has also been used as a
post office, provost jail, tavern with boarding for weary travelers.
The structure  that stands on the property today  was built by George
The river ferry delivered mail to the plantation house which was also the local post
Two of the barred windows from the old Post office are still part of the house.
Virginia Beach is also the home of the legendary Witch Of Pungo.
Please enjoy a sample of EVP we captured from our visits to the Ferry
Plantation House in Haunted Virginia.
Part Two
We began investigating the Ferry Plantation house in 2009 and  performed our
sixth investigation July 2013.
Please see our other pages for more evidence and information on the Witch of
Pungo, trial by water, Ferry Ghost Girl Photo.  
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