Discarnate Communication

  No one can deny how electronics and computers have influenced parapsychological research. Although we are
still unable to replicate phenomena, we have the tools to record, catalog, compare, measure, and analyze
phenomena as never before.
Virtually all
“ghost-hunting” groups claim to be scientific and use a variety of creative methods to detect the
presence of spirits and ghosts. Scientific testing is the backbone of progress, but what seems to be missing is critical
thinking. What is the scientific rationale behind some of the gadgetry used to acquire evidence?

Can ghost boxes actually improve communications with the dead?
Many who have worked with these devices believe them to be the greatest breakthrough in spirit communication
since the Ouija Board.   
Spirit boxes are nothing more than simple radios with a continuous scanning function. In the paranormal world, it
is widely believed the microsecond bursts of static and noise allow nonphysical beings from “the other side,”
another time, or possibly another dimension to communicate with the living by assembling random word fragments
to form words. EVP makers use software programs to shred sentences into small bits, and randomly play them as
background noise.
Parapsychologists believe some unidentified physical process is involved, but do not rule out EVP could “PK from
the living.”
Skeptics cite human and environmental contamination as the largest source of misinterpretation. With the addition
of box noise, the recorded ”messages” may be the result of accidental formation of random word bits, or the sounds
produced by the box causes
audio pareidolia. Boxes with pre-programed vocabularies only serve to increase the
probability of misinterpretation.  
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Our research found one group who performed an experiment to examine the living voices (as they asked questions)
during a recorded spirit box session.  They discovered the voices of the living are sometimes altered by the device
“making speech patterns sound choppy and manipulated”, and for this reason, they “do not believe that ghosts and
spirits actually use audio fragments to form words or create messages”.  That almost sounds scientific, but the
distortion of voices neither proves, nor disproves contact with the dead. The important evidence, that the device
altered the living human voice was entirely overlooked.
Whatever the belief regarding the latest fad in spirit communication, understanding how your equipment works is
vitally important.
Spirit Boxes and EVP makers come in a wide range of electronic configurations, with each manufacturer describing
their product as a reliable tool for spirit communication. Various “ghost box” models sweep through  FM or AM
radio bands, producing a mix of white noise and audio fragments from general broadcasts. Retailers suggest these
random bits of sound are used by spirits to form words, and the messages are carried by static waves (Signal Transfer
The responses from some spirit boxes are reported to be similar to EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).
Unfortunately, what the boxes produce  are not  EVP in the classic sense, as the noises  produced are not voices,
but random pieces of radio signals. In the best of circumstances,  studies show experienced EVP listeners  more
often disagree, than agree on the content of a clear of EVP sample.
Buyer Beware
One dealer of para-tec equipment stated, " erratic fluctuating EMFs have a definite connection to  ghosts and
paranormal activity.  This is nonsense,  but it suggests the tool they sell are essential for ghost investigating. New
gimmicks for ghost hunting are often promoted by misdirection or disinformation.
At least the EMF meter has been tested and proven to detect EMF fields (if not ghosts).
 We wondered if  “output/noise” from a ghost box might actually interfere or mask natural messages. We devised
several controlled experiments to test this, but found no indication the electronic feed related to what was recorded.
So what is the science of the ghost box?   There is none.
Because the individuals who first discovered “spirit voices’ assumed that these communications were with the dead,
that notion has continued to be widely accepted. The reality is that no one has ever shown that any ghost box or
equipment actually detects, or facilitates communication with ghosts. To date, there have been no published studies
or research providing evidence of the usefulness or accuracy of spirit box transmissions.
Personally, I believe that some EVP may be due to PK from the living.  We hear not just words, but the emotion
and personalities of the speakers. But some EVP have no  other explanation.

Spirit communication will always be controversial, but we need to base our research on a solid understanding of
scientific principles.  I do not believe everything can be explained in scientific terms, because it can’t.
Even Einstein used the term “Spooky” to describe a physical phenomenon!    
*For links to leaders in EVP/ITC research, please visit:  http://atransc.org/links_world.htm
Port City Paranormal PARA-TEC  II
We use wide assortment of equipment designed to detect readings of  normal
energy and magnetic fields that surround us during our daily lives. These devices
were not designed to detect paranormal activity.
We do not use this equipment for communication as they can produce false
positives, being effected by radio communications, baby monitors, and motion
detectors etc. We do not recommend ghost boxes as a means to collect evp.
Learn Self Protection!

Study and find what best
suits you and your beliefs.
Practice shielding your self
an be prepared.
Important Safety TIP:


When in doubt, WEAR a MASK!

Safety should be the first concern of any investigator.   Before you
entering a site or dwelling, know the site history.
Was it industrial, what did they make?
Is it old or run down?  Is the place used for illegal dumping?
Look for molds, dusty conditions, insect infestation,
animal droppings.

Be prepared to deal with allergens, old paint, unlabeled liquids,
dust, molds, insects, snakes, tics, rats, raccoons, loose boards, wood
rot, rusty nails, broken glass, lead paint, feral cats, stray dogs, rabid
skunks, poisonous plants, human waste / garbage,  spiders,
loose bricks/morter, squatters.    
Use Note Pads!
You can't remember everything!

Prevent contamination by suggestion,  jot
down impressions, thoughts experiences  
to  later include in final case report.
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It is essential to know how your equipment
works, and what it was designed for before
modifying for paranormal detection.  
TIP: Some of the best evidence has been caught by
accident while documenting a  site's layout with still
photos.  When photographing  possible anomalies,
immediately take several pictures from slightly different
angles to document phenomena. Remember your auto
focus uses IR laser and may cause reflections and flare
like errors.