Charley Brownz - Page 2
Climbing the well worn stairs to the abandoned floors
above, we were not sure if something was watching us from
behind, or  did it wait ahead in the gloom....
We began our first EVP sessions and search for any natural explanations
for the ghostly activity,  No matter where we were, the sensation of
someone or something was just out of sight, but we were well within it's
reach, whatever it was...
Faint whispers, so close you could feel cold breath caress your skin.
The phantom presence seemed to follow us, nothing more than a cold
chill standing beside us . In reality, no one was there...  But as I turned to
look back, we recorded a voice not our own.

The energy was high making our skin tingle like static electricity. Were
EMF ( Electromagnetic Field) the cause?  No, the upper floors had no
functioning electrical power, and haven't for close to 50 years.
We were sure that something stalked us in the darkness, but  the spirits
were reluctant to give us a definite sign of their presence.
As we walked through the bar discussing the activity and
planning our equipment set up,  something flew out of the
darkness to land at our feet.

Doug stooped to recover a single pearl button as it came to
rest on the floor.  We looked at each other expecting some
explanation but found none. Someone whispered that
Brandon Lee often wore shirts with buttons of this type...
Billy shared a story about the actor Brandon Lee.
Years ago, Lee had been filming scenes from "The Crow", using the
empty floors above the club as the set for his lair.   After a day of filming,
Lee returned to CarolCo studios and was accidentally,
but fatally shot with a loaded prop gun.
This was eerily similar to his fathers untimely demise,
not so many years before.
Does the spirit of Brandon Lee remain here long after his premature
A  few hours into our vigil we were startled when the alarm system shattered
the silence. Billy had turned it off, but now it beeped and flashed demanding
our attention.  The digital readout flashed multiple areas and some that didn't
exist !  We had to get that thing off before the police came ! I fumbled for
my phone, asking aloud" where is it ?".   Someone knew where to look and
said so !

After some direction from Billy, we eventually silenced the alarm, only to
have it resume it's craziness a few minutes later.... Eventually,  the alarm gave
up on it's own.
In the renewed silence,  the ominous sound of something heavy being
dragged across the old planks above was recorded.
As the night wore on, the intense force we had originally observed began to fade. The eerie
presence hidden in the shadows had vanished and we were now alone in the dusty abandoned
upper floors.
Returning to the lounge area, we attempted to evoke communication using white noise. As
evidence gained in this method can be questionable, we also did another session with out
adding electronic noise.   Soon we lapsed into general conversation.  At Charley Brownz, the
spirits would rather comment on what we were chatting about than answering direct questions !
No investigation can be
complete without looking
back into the local; history.
If there is a ghost here,
where did it come from?
Who is it, and why are they
still here?
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Charlie Brownz Downtown Lounge
is a private club located in Haunted
Wilmington, part of the Haunted
Cape Fear area .