"Charley Brownz Downtown Lounge"
Like the research, no investigation is final until all the
evidence has been carefully reviewed and every effort has been
made to find any natural explanation for the phenomena.....
Not quite as exciting as the historical research, the long hours spent reviewing audio and video are necessary to find the
truth behind any suspected haunting. Watching static video can be the most boring and sometimes a fruitless part of the
review process,
But this is Charley Brownz Downtown Lounge, a very different sort of place!
With the evidence we obtained from our EVP sessions, we are able to state that the club is haunted. We heard many
voices, some that answered our questions directly, some with snide comments, and others that made no sense. Those may
be from residual energy spilling over from another past event.  We suspect some patrons from a long forgotten saloon may
have strayed over to this property in Haunted Wilmington.

This video is the most startling evidence to date.
This shadow figure was caught darting about the second and third floors possibly using one of the four stairways
connecting the levels. The shadow appears to lean out from behind a stairway to watch us, then move back into the
darkness so not to be seen. At one time during our vigil, there appears to be one extra person with the team.
Perhaps a very curious spirit... See for yourself....

Who Haunts Charlie Brownz Downtown Lounge?
We have heard  voices and seen the shadows. Could it be the ghost of
Brandon Lee ( The Crow), or someone a bit less famous?  
Perhaps  Joshua,local Gunsmith, or Miss Maggie Abraham,  still walk
the old wooden floors.  
Our research makes one fact stand out:

Mr. Leon Todd (1896-1978) invested his entire life to the sale of
furniture, learning his craft from another Wilmington furniture
merchant, and eventually teaching his sons the business.
Today, 21 S. Front Street is still “TODDs”.   Certainly, this building
was Leon Todd’s crowning achievement, being a fitting monument for
a successful business man and fine furniture purveyor.
Maybe Mr.Todd still watches over his grand establishment.

We may never find who's spirit is responsible for the unexplained
activity, but we will return and ask for more answers.

As we packed to leave, and  the boys argued the merits of a good
Someone with an old Scottish brogue had to have the last word !
( Good Enough)
The Voices
Please use good ear phones and lower base to
Due to some glitch all EVP may start at once.
Please wait till they stop then click on each.
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Charlie Brownz
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