Bellamy Mansion: Investigation IV
January 2012

One of our favorite places in Historic Wilmington is The Bellamy Mansion.  Built by the
finest craftsmen of the day with its commanding view of the Cape Fear, this stately home
is full of history and ghosts of the past....

Dr John Bellamy, Eliza and their eight (soon to be 9) children moved into this
lavish,10,000 square foot mansion in March of 1861.  The home has been the residence
of the Bellamy family, except for its brief occupation by Union soldiers, and during the
yellow fever epidemic, until  it was abandoned shortly after the death of their last
daughter Ellen in 1946.
For almost two centuries this great Antebellum mansion has stood  in silent witness to the  
Civil War, Union Occupation, Emancipation and  Southern Reconstruction. The "Big
House" has weathered  damage from hurricanes, vandals, arson and the passage of time....
But even now, voices can be heard on the staircase, and slave quarters.
Our  research  attempts to identify  the spirits who haunt the Bellamy Mansion.
Could it be little Kate who died the year she was born in 1858?  Perhaps the good Doctor
and his wife continue to entertain in the parlor,  or the children  still play and learn their
lessons on the 3rd floor.  Perhaps the slaves, although freemen, choose to stay on and
take care of the family.
Or possibly a lone Union sentry still stands guard.....
Our recorders began to pick up voices from
the moment we entered.

Doug Anderson
Tony Hall
Aleigha Scott
Jc Anderson

Kat Fowler
Jc Anderson
We encourage you to wear
a good set of Studio
headphones to listen to
EVP. Some audio has been
enhanced for this
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Ghosts of Bellamy Mansion