Project   BB55  
Research of the Battleship North Carolina by Port City
Port City Paranormal® began  investigating the battleship because we were simply curious,
much like many of you.  We have had many cases through the years but visiting  a site once or
twice is all that is allowed by many who call us for help.   In reality one vigil is not enough to
explain or identify paranormal events.  
The Battleship North Carolina is a rare opportunity to research the same haunting multiple
times, and to compare data  gathered over time.  We hope to achieve a tangible understanding
of this haunting and communicate it to all who are interested.
Our research helps us understand the history of the Showboat, the war era, and the people who lived
and worked on board  this gallant vessel. We feel the paranormal investigations we conduct help to save
a yet untapped source of our heritage.

The Battleship North Carolina began her life in 1937 at the Brooklyn Naval Yard. Forth in line to have
the name North Carolina, and she was the first new construction battleship of WWII.   Due to some
troubles with engine vibration, BB55 was jokingly referred to as "The Showboat" as she  sailed up and
down New York harbor working out the bugs. Commissioned in 1941 she headed to her home port
Pearl Harbor.
The USS North Carolina lived up to her nickname by being the most decorated battleship of WWII,
earning 15 battle stars. The ship took part in every major battle in the Pacific.  During her  time fighting
in the Pacific, she lost 10 men in combat and had another 64 wounded.

Her Dead:  
August 24,1942, During the battle of the Eastern Solomons, the ship was strafed by a Japanese plane,
Geo. Conlon.
September 15, 1942 The USS NC. was hit by a torpedo in her port quarter abreast the forward 16 in
gun turret, tearing a hole the size of a truck  in her port side below the waterline.  
Albert S.Geary was
blown off the deck in the explosion and lost at sea.  
Wm. O. Skelton, Oscar.C. Stone, Ingwald
lost their lives at the moment of impact. Leonard Pone gave his life trapping himself in the
rising water and burning fuel oil when the water tight doors were sealed.
April 5,1945 : While fighting  kamikazes, three men were killed by friendly fire to the #5 port director:
Edward E Brenn, John M Watson and Carl E Karams.
 That same day Eldon Means was lost at sea
when the kingfisher seaplane flipped.
Several other deaths have occurred on board:
Robert Nelson was accidentally killed by the .30 cal
machine gun,
Thurman Thompson died from a skull fracture, and  Millard R Nieman died from
Frank Merck died from an unspecified accident, Henry J Kobierski died of cardiac
arrest,and Norman Guilliam drowned at a party on an island in the Marshal Islands.  Jesse F Nucholus
was killed while on shore leave.  Earl J. Winthrop, of the  USS Ticonderoga  was transferred to the
North Carolina and subsequently died of his wounds.
Human beings are a combination of matter and
energy. So what is left when we die?  Why have
these spirits stayed on, and what can they tell us?
Thanks to the efforts of many school children the battleship was
saved and brought to Wilmington and dedicated in 1962.   The
Battleship North Carolina is now a memorial to all those who served
and died  in WWII.

On the following pages  We have tried to consolidate all  of our
investigations of the battleship and will add more information as we
continue our research.
We want to thank the Museum and Archives departments,  and all
the staff for allowing us to continue our research.  The evidence
presented here is the property of Port City Paranormal. Everything
you see here is real. In some cases audio has been modified for the
purpose of clarity. We have verified all evidence to the best of our
Sick Bay
Torpedo Damage
The Big 16" Guns fire on
I 19
Listen carefully to the
sound  behind the
investigators' conversation
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