Battleship North Carolina January 2016
Battleship USS North Carolina
January 2016
Port City Paranormal
It has been a long time since we stepped aboard the Battleship North Carolina to talk
with her dead. We miss the "Boys" and wondered if they would remember us. Would
they welcome us back, or retreat into the shadows?   
We chose the Battleship because for two reasons, the first being we love the spirits of
the brave men who served  aboard BB55, and secondly being  familiar with the
haunting, it is an excellent place to train our new folks.
At first the investigation seemed more like a reunion of our team members and old
friends we treasure working with.
One of our new trainees reported on their first investigation below.
January 20, 2016

As we stepped onto the deck of the Battleship USS North Carolina,
We knew  we would not be not alone.
Something more than just our team was aboard that night.

We started our investigation  in sickbay, and worked our way towards the bow of the
ship.  At first, I did not see or hear anything that I would consider abnormal, then as
we passed the sickbay, we entered a long dark passage. Even though it was quite
empty, I felt like someone was watching us. An eerie feeling of an extra presence gave
me the creeps, but after investigating for a while, I got used to “not being alone.”
If there are spirits here, perhaps they were unsure what to think of us, and decided to
sit back and watch.

One of our senior teammates stopped at a locked gate that leads to the officers’
quarters for an EVP session.. Tony began by inviting the "guys" to come and see us,
and asked, “Do you remember me?” While we waited for an answer, the four of us
stood quietly in the darkness, my back towards the empty warrant officers mess.
Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the sense of a large male approaching from
behind! As the presence loomed ever nearer, my breath caught in my throat as if
someone held it for me. For an instant, the entity and I became one mind, and I felt
I was blocking his way. I jumped aside and pressed my body tightly against the
bulkhead. Once I was safely out of the way, I could feel him maneuver past our
group, taking with him the sense of uneasiness that had surrounded us.
Go figure that!
Looking back at the experience, I feel like the poor "guy" could not bring himself to
just shove a woman aside, but he needed me to move P.D.Q, and move I did!  
I would never want to get in the way of a busy officer!
But, how do I know he was an officer?  I am not sure; I can only say he left quite an
impression. For the few seconds he and I crossed paths, it was as if I knew all about
him. He was big burley guy, and  he carried himself with an air of authority and
urgency. He was on a mission, and I just happened to be in his way!

The second half of the investigation we explored the stern of the ship. This
part of the investigation seemed quiet, but our audio may tell us something different.
It still felt as if something watched our every move, but now it seemed almost friendly,
as if they wanted to protect us during our stay.
I never actually felt fearful while on the battleship, the "boys" made sure of that.  It was
very clear that we were tolerated guests surrounded by a group of polite and very kind
However, looking back on the night’s vigil, I have to wonder who was investigating

Being accompanied around the ship by unseen sailors is a strange new experience,
but I have been told this is only the beginning of a long wonderful journey!

Note to our phantom hosts on BB55:
Thanks for your hospitality and making a girl feel safe!
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