First floor:   We met " Fred" who had been the elevator
operator for many years. His ghost is known to stop the
elevator on the wrong floors for the trainees.( frequently
down to the basement level) Fred seemed friendly and
EMF meters always lit up when asked if he could come
The rest of building was not as friendly.  

Second floor: The  team noted cold  spots and heard
whispers from every corner. Two team members heard
the name "Gail" or "Abigail" just as the temperature on
Todd's arm dropped from 89 to 63 degrees.  Doors  that
had been propped open when we set up, were now
closed and latched. The building was empty except for
our team, but there were many of the non living there,
some hiding but others were anxious for the chance to
have live human contact.

Third floor: While checking baseline EMF  levels,
multiple high spikes were noted  eventually leading the
team to room 340.  The atmosphere in 340 was
oppressive. Doug thought he saw  a dark  smoky shape
crouched in one corner.  As Doug entered, the mass
darted up to hover near the ceiling. Before Doug could  
retreat,  the spirit attacked, knocking him backwards
towards the door. Doug was unable to breath or speak, as
something firmly tightened around his throat.
In the doorway, EMF readings pulsated, someone's ear
piece began a high pitch wail, and Todd became chilled
as a cold draft enveloped him.   Doug was dazed but was
able to back out of the little room into the hallway.
The group stood  silently outside 340 in disbelief, but
were keeping an eye out for the culprit.
Far down the corridor, the darkness seemed to solidify,
and as we watched, began to  loom menacingly toward us.
With hands upraised Doug stepped forward to protect us
all, and with all his strength yelled "STOP!"  The
blackness receded slightly and Doug "pushed" again. The
blackness faded leaving the hall dimly illuminated by the
glow of emergency lights.
The heavy sense of foreboding now vanished.
Doug had no idea how he knew to react as he did,  his
only  thought was of protecting us.

Near the O.R, voices of staff, long gone were recorded
through  the  locked door.
We followed more EMF spikes back to the main
corridor, where we outlined an anomalous free standing
magnetic field with EMF meters.  The shape appeared to
be "square", about 3 x 3 ft.  Was it someone sitting?  We
asked "Can you walk?", "No'"was the response.
High EMF readings flashed again when asked " is this
your room?". The question  "Are you in a wheelchair?"
produced positive EMF flashes and a hissing
" yes" was
recorded.  *
Elliott Hall was the treatment center and hospital for sick or injured  asylum
inmates. ( Patients)
recently renovated it appears modern and quiet, But in reality it was one of  the
scariest buildings on the old campus.  
Elliott Hall  with it's  dark subterrainian tunnels is also the home to the
Lady in Red.
Elliott Hall
Elliott Hall 2009
The Asylum
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Note:  EMF Meters are for detecting
EMF, not as a reliable device for
communications.  Contact may possibally
have caused the EMF  spikes, but other
sources can not be ruled completely out.
The EVP we recorded is the proof !
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