The Asylum

We would first like to thank Mr. Wayne E. Morrison Sr, who  collected many of  these photographs and
documented the early  history of the asylum. Thanks to our friends Carol  Grimes, Bill Sebring,and Geneva Area
Paranormal  Society for aiding us with  the investigation.  

In 1828, a law was passed prohibiting the confinement of lunatics in jails or alms houses. Creation of this asylum for
the chronic insane was passed into law in 1865.  The site of the old  state agricultural college(1860) was chosen after
it closed during the Civil War.  October 1869 saw the completion  of the main  building and the arrival of the first
patient by steamboat.
Several men lead a deformed woman down the gangplank at Seneca Point. Willard welcomed Ms. Mary Rote, who
had been chained for 10 years without a bed and without clothing in a cell in Columbia Co. Almshouse. On her
arrival she was bathed, dressed and provided a clean safe place to stay.
Port City Paranormal returned to the Asylum in March 2009.  Many of the local folks came by to tell
us their stories, and the stories that were told to them by their parents and grandparents who had
worked at the facility. Currently the asylum and it's grounds are owned and operated by the NYS Dept
of Corrections. Outside the "wire" some of the buildings have continued to deteriorate but some are still
in  use for DOC. training.
We were able to investigate Grandview (the oldest building, originally the NY State Agricultural College)
and Elliott Hall (1937).
SWAT trainees  bunking in Grandview and Elliott Hall, frequently
report ghostly encounters and many refuse to stay in the buildings
over night. Cell phones ring, keys repeatedly knocked to the floor,
whispering, door knobs turning, screaming, and black shadows have
been reported with every new class session.
A staff member related a story where he always yells  " Lucy, I"M Home"   when entering the tunnels just to scare
the prison inmates. He also did that to the Paranormal State team, Ryan stated the building was demon infested...
During  documentation of the basement, Jane heard a loud bang and turned to film a heavy door that she had just
passed swing open and then close on it's own.   Moments later, She heard the heavy door at the top of the steps
open and close, followed by footsteps decending the satirway.  Jane stated" I listened as Doug decended the stairway,
but he never opened the doors. Both Todds and I waited  but Doug never came in, we opened the door to check,
and no one was there....We radioed Doug, he was still up  on the 2nd floor....
We explored Grandview from it's vaulted attic to the cavernous
basement.   We brought our gear to the second floor east wing, not
knowing that this particular room was probably the most notorious area of
Activity began before the equipment could be unpacked. There were loud
bangs, foot drags, and boot steps on the attic floor above us.  Part of the
team began setting up cameras in the basement, the rest of the team began
to video and record  sounds in that immediate area.  
Downstairs, it was noted that most of the basement tunnels contain
grounded steam pipes the resulted in making each tunnel a "Fear Cage".
We experienced many strange events that night.
On the 1st floor, Doug felt a presence approach and then pass
through his body. This unpleasant experience was accompanied by
nausea, dizziness, feelings of confusion and dread.  This force
apparently wanted us out of the room. When leaving that same
area, someone or something began pushing a heavy door closed
almost trapping trapping Janes fingers in the jam. She had to fight
to free her hand before the heavy door slammed shut.
These intense sensations continuedas we moved down the hall,
leaving us all questioning just what we had witnessed.
Moments later as Doug stood close to an open door, the door
began to move slightly.  Expecting it to stop when it made contact,
Doug was surprised to find the door was pushing  hard enough for
him to loose his footing.
Many of the high EMF readings through out the building were

By chance, we had left a recorder running back in the set up area.
Although no living being was there,
we had recorded  sounds of someone rummaging through our
equipment, numerous bangs and more whispers... Cases locked
and unlocked.
While exploring the grounds before our vigil,  we called out to the  female spirit  we  had
contacted the year before at the Maples. We invited her to join us at Grandview the next evening.

Not only did she  join us, we learned her name was Hanna.
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