Port City Paranormal® had been investigating four years before our first visit to the famous Battleship
North Carolina.

During our first full investigation in April of 2009, we were amazed how large the ship was and how
lost we could get in the darkness. Most of our investigations were performed in subdued light.  
Covering the investigation with video and audio proved to be tricky due to the ship's great sise and
limited access to power after hours.  This and all following investigations were documented  using
special IR camera setups to record directly to disc, eliminating the need for the usual "central
command" and the miles of power cords,wires and cables used by most teams.

From that first night we were convinced the ship was haunted!  K II hits everywhere, some lighting up
in sequence as if several "spirits" had walked by in succession.  Our female investigators, especially
the blonds, felt gentle tugs on their hair.
The Mess areas, passages near sick bay, and #4 engine room seemed to have the most activity.
One investigator will never return to the battleship. She reported being touched several times in
conjunction with high KII readings. When something brushed by her shoulder, we observed her KII go
red and stay red until she exited the area. As she exited, she stated firmly "
You are scaring me, please
stop! You stay here, but I have to go!"
At that moment all KIIs went quiet.
Members of our team had seen the first of many shadows that roam the ship, various anomalies were
recorded, including cold spots in the bull pen and engine room.
The most astonishing evidence of the investigation was the recorded sounds of the "Big Guns" firing
throughout the ship.  Faint at first, the sound increased as it occurred again and again. Boom...      
 Boom !   The sound was recorded simultaneously from different areas of the ship. We have
not  been able to recreate or disprove the "Big Guns", but later
research of the ship's archives revealed our investigation was within a few days of the anniversary of
the Bombardment of Okinawa.

It would be five months before we returned to the ship for our second investigation.  In between, we
study the ships archives.  Loaded with history, photographs, battle plans, one Ouija board and miles
of files, the archives is a treasure trove for those who know where to look.  Going through stacks of
documents, some containing personal diaries, we began to get to know the men who served aboard
BB55.  This project was getting personal.
Who are the spirits that remain aboard? Why are they still here?  Are they all from the battleship? We
heard so many voices, more voices than listed as those who gave their lives fighting for our freedom.  
Who was the lady we heard crying?

When the PCP team returned, we used what we learned  from the first investigation.
We developed a new grid system to schedule and track up to 4 sub teams  of investigators, utilizing a
timed schedule for movement of personel in each investigation area. The grid enabled us to identify
and prevent noise contamination such as  people walking, talking, or making
noise on other levels. Time stamps made it was easy to compare recordings from others  who may have
caused, or  heard the same noise.  Using multiple recorders allowed us triangulate sounds, and led us
to discover that a  blood curdling scream heard in one area, was nothing more than a laugh in
another area. The sound  had morphed as it echoed off metal bulkheads.  EVP evidence of whispers,
strange grunts and sounds of shuffling (when no one was moving)was  frequently recorded.
Near the Warrant Officer's mess the whole group heard sounds of small low flying aircraft. Unlike the
small planes and jets that fly into the local airport, these sounded as if several small prop engines
were nose diving  through the night sky.
Shadows are a frequent sight near sick bay and in the main mess.
Even without photographic evidence, we stand sure that the Battleship is home to multiple entities.  
Cadence and timber of EVP recordings have matched to those in our first vigil.  

October 2009
The Port City crew enjoyed volunteering during the "ghostship " Halloween event each fall.   Ghost
Ship was never an official investigation but the ghosts made themselves known none the less !
We think it deserves mention here,because no matter what date or time of day the ghosts of BB55 are
always active.   Frequently, visitors and staff report seeing shadows in the mess area, or fully
uniformed men walking the deck.  
One very hot night, during 'Ghost Ship', I witnessed a tall shadow figure walk the length of the main
mess.  Dismissing the sighting at first,  it took a second sighting, more than an hour later, to convince
me I actually had seen the
SHADOW that reportedly haunts the mess.
The apparition appeared three dimensional, but no light could escaped that blackness.    Twice, the
wraith moved slowly from left to right only to
silently vanish into the bake shop bulkhead.  
I couldn't wait to share the experience with Doug , but Doug had his own experience to share!
He had witnessed the same specter, from the left side of the mess.  Doug described the apparition as
solid, blocking all light as it toward the bake shop".    We both agreed the figure was that of
was a very tall, well built man.

December 2009  
We added more cameras and  streamlined our setup. All cameras recorded sound and each
investigators had  personal recorders!  This was a joint investigation by two paranormal teams.
We feel that this is beneficial in several ways. In joint investigations, we learn from others, share
evidence, and make many lasting personal friendships.
Not every investigation of the Battleship produces astounding evidence, but any evidence becomes
more important when repeated over several investigations.
Paranormal investigation is a hurry up and wait task, Rush to set up and then sit and wait for
something to happen. Sometimes it can get boring, but when we relax, communication increases. We
think the men of BB55 enjoy commenting on our small talk!

Port City is a non provoke team, and our research of the battleship is a testament to that approach.  
We have found that a gentle, conversational tones elicit more responses than the antagonistic tirades
used on television.  Like I said, this has become personal, we are getting to know the 'Boys' and their
personalities, we feel like friends.  
Why they remain on the ship is unknown. We hope someday they will tell us more.

We listen in the darkness, and hope to give comfort.

Again and again we ask:   
What happened to you?    Can it happen to me?

Port City Paranormal continues to study the ship.  The data collected from our visits is currently being
statistically evaluated.
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