Willard State Hospital ... Conclusions
There are no demons here, only lost and tortured souls
waiting  to be heard..

Our research into the haunting of Willard Asylum remains unfinished.  
We obtained over 300 EVP from these investigations. Many hours of video and audio remain
in our archives for further analysis.
When we last  left the area, it was with great sadness. We left knowing we had only scratched
the surface, and there is so much more work to be done.
We were able to meet some of the spirits, to begin to communicate, but that was only the
beginning... The souls that haunt the grounds and buildings were once living human beings
with hopes and dreams of a full life. They are still there!
Had  we left them behind after perhaps being only one of the few who ever paused to listen?  

Over the long history of the asylum 54,000 people were admitted... many were freed from the
true horrors of the county poor house system.   Not all were insane, many patients were
misdiagnosed, some were only mildly retarded, some suffering from post partum depression,  
but others were  just the elderly, the poor, the unwanted,  or the very bothersome.....

In a nearby field overlooking the lake, lie 5770 unmarked graves.  Thousands of men and
women, their numbered markers long gone, rest here.  But are they at rest, or do their spirits
continue to roam the halls, their souls forever locked  inside the deteriorating buildings?  
We asked
why do you stay? What keeps you here? Is there work you still have to do?  Please
tell us."...
we care about your life and memory.

One by one, they came to us and said good bye, some begged to go with us.  
Some day we hope to return to help them.
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The Paranormal State team made a cursory visit to
the asylum. They ran for their lives, claiming the
asylum was home to
Demons !

They couldn't  have been more wrong.