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Psychic Reflections
Probably the scariest part of the paranormal is not knowing what is going to happen next!
Reflections 3
What Good is Parapsychology if it Does’t Talk About Ghosts?

When Doug and I started exploring the world of ghosts and hauntings, we turned to parapsychology for
information. We wanted to learn as much about of spirits and survival as possible.
To my amazement, I found parapsychology was not all about ghosts, shadows, phantoms and the like.
Parapsychology is the scientific study of phenomena such as telepathy and psychokinesis. Not only that, but
parapsychology also extends to many other scientific fields such as anthropology, biology, neuroscience,
physics, religion, philosophy.
So, if Parapsychology does not explain ghosts, why study Parapsychology at all?  P
arapsychology begins to  
explain a lot
when you ask  “How does it all work?”

Since its beginning, the field of parapsychology has been disregarded by mainstream scientists, as fringe
research, or pseudo-scientific because it does not fit into the currently accepted ideas of our universe. This  
fact has kept parapsychology from being examined and recognized along with other psychological
phenomena. (Please remind the armchair skeptics that recent research has revealed ostensible evidence of
ESP and the existence of Psi using statistical methods.) But the pioneers of parapsychology realised early on
that parapsychology and Psychology is intertwined. How can scientists study the human mind without taking
all human experiences (including the extraordinary)into account.

If the living can use ESP and Psi, does it also work the same way for the dead? I think the answer lies in what
evidence has been discovered by parapsychologists over the last hundred years.
Perhaps if we can find that out how Psi works living,
we cam learn how it works for the dead. Only then we
can explore the secret world of ghosts, the mysteries of reincarnation, and the afterlife!

 To communicate with the world, humans use the senses of taste, touch, sight,smell, and hearing to gain
information about our environment.  It is aid we use less than 1/3rd of our brain capacity, so could it be our
“normal” senses are blind to other information, just as we are  blind to light or vibration above or below the
optimal range. How many
 teachers  have said, "When taking a test, you should “Stick with your first choice”?
Theories suggest information somehow enters into our subconscious and once received, rises into our
conscious awareness.
Could this have been our first experience of tapping into our own subconscious for the first time?  
Due to the skeptical issues and claims of fraud, parapsychology has been in the forefront of minimizing QRP
(Questionable Research Practices)by means of bias, selective reporting, publishing only positive findings.  In
Parapsychology, experimenters and skeptics work together to develop testing procedures that minimize these
problems. Psychologists have acknowledged the contributions made by parapsychologists for raising
awareness of methodological issues in testing.

Lets look into some of the applications of Psi...

Can ESP be used to predict global events?
The use of ESP ( through dreams visions) as a means to gain information is one of the oldest and the hardest
to explain. Thankfully, we do not have to have all the answers to use it!
People world wide experienced precognitive dreams of 911 or the last tsunami  before it happened.  
American Indian legends foretold the coming of the white man, and the decimation of the buffalo, centuries
before it happened. Did our ancient ancestors dream of a great flood?
Throughout history there are numerous reports of visitations by the dead. How does something with no
physical form communicate with the living?

ESP in Business:  How much of “good business sense” is learned in school or on the job? Why are some
people successful and others not?
Executive ESP: A ten year research  project at Newark College of Engineering found superior profits were
made by top level executive presidents who relied more on ESP when making decisions. As an example,
one New Jersey car dealer who was having a very slow year with too many cars left on the lot, found that
against all common sense, he was drawn to order 5 x as many cars for the following year. When the new
models arrived in January, he had to rent extra space for all the new cars, and last year’s cars were still on the
lot. By August of that year, there was a change in the economy and people flocked to the dealership to buy,
and the dealer made millions that year! If he had placed his usual order, or ordered when the economy
changed, he would have lost out. This is an excellent example of unconscious precognition.
Military Applications:
Remote Viewing (or remote sensing-R.Targ) is the ability to see remote or hidden objects clairvoyantly with
the inner eye or while out of body.(Clairvoyance)
Some remote viewers have learned to view the contents of opaque containers, locate lost items, and visualize
shipwrecks on the ocean floor. Individuals have claimed that they can go anywhere at any time as Psi is
independent of time or space.
Remote viewing just may be the safest and cheapest way to explore our universe.
The Stargate Program:  During the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union researched ESP
for intelligence gathering and other applications. Most remote viewers are taught to “go” to the site, or map
coordinates, and describe draw what they saw, be it buildings, people, the surrounding environment, future
events, or to get the sense of purpose of the target(clairsentience).  Not only was psychic spying studied, but
the application of PSi to military (psychotronic)weaponry.

Communication using ESP:
ESP or Psi is mind to mind communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, or mental images.
Research has shown that telepathy most often occurs spontaneously in crisis situations. Most of the time we
are preoccupied with what is obvious. We miss, deny or ignore the more subtle messages or information we
receive. Only when in some altered state such as in hypnotic trance, or dreaming does this information
Stories of ESP from around the globe have been documented in writing, and in local lore. Considered by
some to be the province of mystics, telepathy is considered a natural and acceptable human ability in some
tribal societies such as the Aborigines of Australia.
Most likely, we will never see the development of wide spread Psi communication system, as it would put the
communications industry out of business, or drive us all mad.

Medicine and the Healing Arts
Although most applications of Psi continue to be seen as medical quackery, experiments in healing in
animals and plants have shown otherwise. Under strictly controlled conditions, the rate of wound healing is
significantly faster in those treated by a psychic healer. An experiment by Dr. Grad of the University of
Montreal found that plants thrived when watered with beakers of saline previously held by “healers.”
Spectrophotometry revealed the saline had changed in chemical composition.
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) used a form of remote viewing to diagnose illness. Also known as “the sleeping
prophet,” Cayce would enter a self-induced trance state where he could accurately describe the condition
and prescribe  the appropriate treatment or remedy.

Ask any long time medical practitioner about instances of intuitive diagnosis of new patients. This type of
phenomenon may be a precognitive, clairvoyant, or clairsentient events. This seems to be mostly on an
unconscious level, but a hunch has often led to a correct diagnosis or a life saved. Like a dog trained to alert
humans to the odor of cancer, perhaps we too are able to detect disease on some subconscious level and  in
time learn to recognize the subtle cues.
How does the nurse know you need help before you called her? How does your mother know something is
wrong with a child?
It is the same thing; both are examples of close connections between one human being to another. Whether
it is telepathy or clairvoyance, the phenomena is still very real.
So what about the Ghosts?

The main goal of parapsychology is to find out humanity’s full potential and destiny.  
I believe the study of Psi will lead us to the answers about Ghosts and Apparitions. With this knowledge, we
can explore anything from  space, to the afterlife, and to the limits of our imagination.  
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Ouija- The Mystifying Oracle

   I think we all have a great desire to know the future and as a teen I experimented with the Ouija.
Skipping class one day, a group of girls hid out at a friend’s house. We played with the board and were amazed at some
of the answers we got but I have always been a bit skeptical that the game was a reliable source of information.
 A few years later while playing with my BFF Bonnie, the planchette would move so fast we had to have Paula write as it
spelled out the messages. The three of us used the board as often as we could for weeks, with Paula keeping track of the
letters as we called them out. But somewhere in the back of my mind I kept hearing the word "Liar!"  We stopped only
because I relocated.
 I have never owned a Ouija Board nor did I ever find found another person willing to work the board with me. I have
often regretted not having saved all those notes.
  A few months ago a friend was selling some of her old things, and in one pile I spied an old Ouija board. Is that for
sale? She glared at me and said "You're not going to use it.. are you?"
I came home, opened the dusty old box and showed Doug my prize, and heard him say "I hope you're not planning to
use that thing! " (I thought I raised him better than that!)
I began to wonder about the Ouija and its bad reputation. I decided to do some research and give a short presentation
on the Mystic Oracle at our meeting. Before I began, I asked people to touch the board, and was surprised how many
were reluctant to do so….

  The art of fortune telling, finding lost objects, identifying the guilty, and communing with the Gods has existed in all
civilizations. The diviners were usually the priests, shaman, oracles, psychics, or someone reputed to have supernatural
powers. Typical divination consists of advice as well as predictions used for guidance. No matter what the technique,
divining falls on one of two categories: Interpretation of nature signs, or direct communication with Gods or spirits
through visions. The Ouija is said enable direct contact with the spirit world.

Ouija History:

Precursors of the Ouija date back to ancient China before the birth of Confucius (551 BC). The Chinese cast yarrow
sticks (which later became the I Ching) and practiced palmistry.
Ways of interpreting natural signs include astrology, reading omens such as flights of birds or patterns in clouds.  Early
Celtic culture divined the future or the will of the Gods by “casting lots” of bones. (known as Rune stones)
In ancient Rome, animals were sacrificed to “read” their entrails. The Egyptians would sleep in their temples in
attempting to communicate with the Gods through dreams.  
Throughout the Roman Empire, Oracles would enter into a trance state to communicate with the gods. The Greeks also
popularized astrology through the casting of horoscopes.
In Africa, the Zande place two sticks in an anthill the future was seen the next morning by which of the sticks had been
eaten away. The most common African predictor of future events is the Benge Oracle. The Benge (a plant poison) is
fed to a chicken, and the message is derived from the nature and length of the death throws.
In the Americas, Natives would consult with the gods by reading the smoke from sacred fires. They would perform
ceremonies where medicinal plants were ingested to produce a state of mind where they can connect to the Spirits.
Early Native American Indians also used “Squdilatc boards” to find missing objects, people, and obtain other spiritual

Tools such as wands, rods, and pendulums have been used for centuries to find objects such as water, oil, mineral
deposits, mushrooms, gold etc. Tarot cards are still  in use today to tell the future.

In the Eastern cultures, divination is a daily part of life, where in Western society (dominated by Christianity) divination
is more frequently associated with sorcery. The Old Testament warns against consulting diviners (the word diviner
translates to “witch.”)
In 1853, the planchette came into use in Europe. It was a heart shaped board on three legs (one of which was a pencil)
the users moved the planchette over paper as it would spell out messages and draw pictures. There was no “board” at
this time.

“The Ouija “ we know today was invented in 1890 by Elijah J. Bond. The game gained great popularity during the days
of spiritualism. Later the patent was sold to William Fuld who founded the Baltimore Talking Board Co. Fuld is
considered the father of Ouija)
The popularity of the Ouija board soured after WWI. Spiritualism was in revival and grief stricken families were
desperate to communicate with their loved ones lost in the Great War.
In 1966, Fuld sold his patent to Parker Bros. who stressed the board as “a game for entertainment purposes.” Sales of
the Ouija again began to increase  during the 60s and 70s, as  it was a time of renewed interest in the supernatural and
the occult.

Tool of the devil?  
Rosemary E. Guiley says “The board itself is not dangerous, but that form of communication often is”
The famous Edgar Cayce once called the Ouija “a dangerous toy” Demonologists say that the Ouija can open the door
to possession by evil spirits that eventually may require exorcism and
/ or psychiatric treatment.  Unfortunately, with this
type of spirit contact, there is no way to tell who or what the entity may be or if it is a spirit at all.
Advocates of the Ouija say the board can be useful to gain spiritual insight. There have been several famous cases of
medium ship, channeling, and automatic writing once the entities reveal themselves through the board.
Parapsychologists who have studied communications using the board say that it is a form of Automatism; unconscious
activities that pick up and amplify information from the subconscious. It is believed that we know more than we realize
and often the answers are inside of us. Furthermore, users have no control over what repressed information will surface
and may suffer psychosis.  

The  Ideomotor  Effect- The Skeptic's Dictionary says: "the ideomotor effect refers to involuntary and unconscious
motor behavior. William Carpenter coined the term “ideomotor action” in 1882 in his explanation for the movements
of dowsing rods, pendulums, and table turning by spirit mediums.
According to Carpenter, the mind initiates muscular movements without the person being aware of it. Suggestions can
be made to the subconscious mind and affect how the muscles of the hands and arms move in subtle ways. What seems
to be paranormal, he said, is purely physiological.

Autosuggestion: where
participants unconsciously control the movement of the glass or pointer.

Self-delusion:  beliefs of the participants drives them to subconsciously control the movement of the glass or pointer.
This is very like autosuggestion except that one or more of the participants actually controls the movement of the glass,
albeit subconsciously. The question is asked, and subconsciously the planchette or glass is moved in the direction of the
required letter.

ESP:  If Telekinesis (or psychokinetic ability) exists, there is a possibility that the questions are answered by those who
ask them. The participant who knows the answer also controls the movement of the glass or pointer. It is likely that
control of the movement is subconscious, so the mechanism is closer to self-delusion than to fraud.

ESP: If Telepathy exists, there is the possibility that the questions are  again answered by those who ask them. The
answers are broadcast mind to mind and the whole group then subconsciously knows the answer and they all ensure that
the correct answer is achieved.

Beliefs about the Ouija Board vary but the game is associated with  more fear than any other form of divination. I'v  
wondered why a game reported to be so dangerous does not come with instructions one may encounter. Here I have
collected and combined some of my favorite Ouija Lore and useful Tips.
•  Most often, the spirits contacted through the Ouija are from the lower astral plane. These spirits are often very
confused and may have died a violent or sudden death; murder, suicide, etc. Therefore, many are violent, negative, and
potentially dangerous to those using the board. Often several spirits will attempt to come through at the same time but
the real danger lies when you ask for physical proof of their existence! That may open a doorway' and allow them to
enter into the physical world where future problems can arise."
• The user must be careful to surround themselves or the group with a protective aura. Darken the room and entice the
spirits to visit by lighting white candles.
•  Be careful when using the board in bad weather.
•  Start with a meditation, concentrate on cleansing your body, aura and chakras with a visualization of silver rain; filling
your bodies with white light; and call upon your guides to protect you and ask them to allow only information and
entities through for your highest good."
• Witch boards suggest all communications are fact, unless you believe the dead are incapable of lying.
•  Never play alone!
•  Do not allow the invited spirit guest to control the session, you want answers, not a lecture.
•  Never let the spirits count down through the numbers or go through the alphabet as they can get out of the board this
•  If the planchette goes to the four corners of the board, it means that you have contacted an evil spirit.
•  If the planchette falls from the Ouija board, a spirit will get loose.
•  If the planchette repeatedly makes a figure eight, it means that an evil spirit is in control of the board.
•  If you should get an evil spirit, quickly turn the planchette upside down and use it that way.
•  The board must be "closed" properly or evil spirits will remain behind to haunt the operator.
•   Never use the Ouija when you are ill or in a weakened condition since this may make you vulnerable to possession.
•  The spirit of the Ouija board creates "wins" for the user, causing him to become more and more dependent on the
board. Addiction follows. (also known as "progressive entrapment." )
•  Evil spirits contacted through the Ouija board will try to win your confidence with false flattery and lies.
•  Always be respectful and never upset the spirits.
•  Never use the Ouija in a graveyard or place where a terrible death has occurred or you will bring forth malevolent
• Witch
boards are so named because witches use them to summon demons.
• The very first Ouija boards were made from the wood of coffins. A coffin nail in the center of the planchette window
served as the pointer.
•Sometimes an evil spirit can permanently "inhabit" a board. When this happens, no other spirits will be able to use it.
•  When using a glass as a message indicator, you must always cleanse it first by holding it over a burning candle.
•  Ouija boards that are disposed of improperly, come back to haunt the owner.
•  A Ouija Board will scream if you try to burn it.  People who hear the scream have less than thirty-six hours            to   
•  There is only one proper way to dispose of it: break the board into seven pieces, sprinkle it with Holy Water, and
bury it.
•  If you must use a Ouija board, make your own. Arrange the letters and numbers, into a circle so whatever is trapped
within that circle cannot escape.
•  If you place a pure silver coin on the board, no evil spirits will be able to come through.
•  Never ever leave the planchette on the board if you are not using it.
•   Lecherous spirits from the Ouija board will sometimes ask young women to do “odd things”. Ignore the requests to
remove clothing and always remember that your Ouija partner (i.e. your date) has nothing to do with this.
   Pretty much my research has found that there are three things to  never  ask a Ouija board:
         •        Never ask about God.
         •        Never ask when you are going to die.
         •        Never ask where the gold is buried

Now what?
After all the evil has been released into your home or you become possessed, what can you do?

                                        The best advice is to Stop using the Ouija Board!