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Probably the scariest part of the paranormal is not knowing what is going to happen next!
What Good is Parapsychology if it Does’t Talk About Ghosts?

When Doug and I started exploring the world of ghosts and hauntings, we turned to parapsychology for information. We
wanted to learn as much about of spirits and survival as possible.
To my amazement, I found parapsychology was not all about ghosts, shadows, phantoms and the like. Parapsychology is
the scientific study of phenomena such as telepathy and psychokinesis. Not only that, but parapsychology also extends to
many other scientific fields such as anthropology, biology, neuroscience, physics, religion, philosophy.
So, if Parapsychology does not explain ghosts, why study Parapsychology at all?  Parapsychology begins to  explain a lot
when you ask  “How does it all work?”

Since its beginning, the field of parapsychology has been disregarded by mainstream scientists, as fringe research, or
pseudo-scientific because it does not fit into the currently accepted ideas of our universe. This  fact has kept
parapsychology from being examined and recognized along with other psychological phenomena. (Please remind the
armchair skeptics that recent research has revealed ostensible evidence of ESP and the existence of Psi using statistical
methods.) But the pioneers of parapsychology realised early on that parapsychology and Psychology is intertwined. How
can scientists study the human mind without taking all human experiences (including the extraordinary)into account.

If the living can use ESP and Psi, does it also work the same way for the dead? I think the answer lies in what evidence
has been discovered by parapsychologists over the last hundred years.
Perhaps if we can find that out how Psi works living,we cam learn how it works for the dead. Only then we can explore
the secret world of ghosts, the mysteries of reincarnation, and the afterlife!

To communicate with the world, humans use the senses of taste, touch, sight,smell, and hearing to gain information about
our environment.  It is aid we use less than 1/3rd of our brain capacity, so could it be our “normal” senses are blind to
other information, just as we are  blind to light or vibration above or below the optimal range. How many  teachers  have
said, "When taking a test, you should “Stick with your first choice”?
Theories suggest information somehow enters into our subconscious and once received, rises into our conscious awareness.
Could this have been our first experience of tapping into our own subconscious for the first time?  
Due to the skeptical issues and claims of fraud, parapsychology has been in the forefront of minimizing QRP
(Questionable Research Practices)by means of bias, selective reporting, publishing only positive findings.  In
Parapsychology, experimenters and skeptics work together to develop testing procedures that minimize these problems.
Psychologists have acknowledged the contributions made by parapsychologists for raising awareness of methodological
issues in testing.

Lets look into some of the applications of Psi...

Can ESP be used to predict global events?
The use of ESP ( through dreams visions) as a means to gain information is one of the oldest and the hardest to explain.
Thankfully, we do not have to have all the answers to use it!
People world wide experienced precognitive dreams of 911 or the last tsunami  before it happened.  American Indian
legends foretold the coming of the white man, and the decimation of the buffalo, centuries before it happened. Did our
ancient ancestors dream of a great flood?
Throughout history there are numerous reports of visitations by the dead. How does something with no physical form
communicate with the living?

ESP in Business:  How much of “good business sense” is learned in school or on the job? Why are some people
successful and others not?
Executive ESP: A ten year research  project at Newark College of Engineering found superior profits were made by top
level executive presidents who relied more on ESP when making decisions. As an example, one New Jersey car dealer
who was having a very slow year with too many cars left on the lot, found that against all common sense, he was drawn to
order 5 x as many cars for the following year. When the new models arrived in January, he had to rent extra space for all
the new cars, and last year’s cars were still on the lot. By August of that year, there was a change in the economy and
people flocked to the dealership to buy, and the dealer made millions that year! If he had placed his usual order, or
ordered when the economy changed, he would have lost out. This is an excellent example of unconscious precognition.
Military Applications:
Remote Viewing (or remote sensing-R.Targ) is the ability to see remote or hidden objects clairvoyantly with the inner eye
or while out of body.(Clairvoyance)
Some remote viewers have learned to view the contents of opaque containers, locate lost items, and visualize shipwrecks
on the ocean floor. Individuals have claimed that they can go anywhere at any time as Psi is independent of time or space.
Remote viewing just may be the safest and cheapest way to explore our universe.
The Stargate Program:  During the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union researched ESP for
intelligence gathering and other applications. Most remote viewers are taught to “go” to the site, or map coordinates, and
describe draw what they saw, be it buildings, people, the surrounding environment, future events, or to get the sense of
purpose of the target(clairsentience).  Not only was psychic spying studied, but the application of PSi to military

Communication using ESP:
ESP or Psi is mind to mind communication of thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations, or mental images. Research has shown
that telepathy most often occurs spontaneously in crisis situations. Most of the time we are preoccupied with what is
obvious. We miss, deny or ignore the more subtle messages or information we receive. Only when in some altered state
such as in hypnotic trance, or dreaming does this information surface.
Stories of ESP from around the globe have been documented in writing, and in local lore. Considered by some to be the
province of mystics, telepathy is considered a natural and acceptable human ability in some tribal societies such as the
Aborigines of Australia.
Most likely, we will never see the development of wide spread Psi communication system, as it would put the
communications industry out of business, or drive us all mad.

Medicine and the Healing Arts
Although most applications of Psi continue to be seen as medical quackery, experiments in healing in animals and plants
have shown otherwise. Under strictly controlled conditions, the rate of wound healing is significantly faster in those
treated by a psychic healer. An experiment by Dr. Grad of the University of Montreal found that plants thrived when
watered with beakers of saline previously held by “healers.” Spectrophotometry revealed the saline had changed in
chemical composition.
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) used a form of remote viewing to diagnose illness. Also known as “the sleeping prophet,” Cayce
would enter a self-induced trance state where he could accurately describe the condition and prescribe  the appropriate
treatment or remedy.

Ask any long time medical practitioner about instances of intuitive diagnosis of new patients. This type of phenomenon
may be a precognitive, clairvoyant, or clairsentient events. This seems to be mostly on an unconscious level, but a hunch
has often led to a correct diagnosis or a life saved. Like a dog trained to alert humans to the odor of cancer, perhaps we
too are able to detect disease on some subconscious level and  in time learn to recognize the subtle cues.
How does the nurse know you need help before you called her? How does your mother know something is wrong with a
It is the same thing; both are examples of close connections between one human being to another. Whether it is telepathy
or clairvoyance, the phenomena is still very real.
So what about the Ghosts?

The main goal of parapsychology is to find out humanity’s full potential and destiny.  
I believe the study of Psi will lead us to the answers about Ghosts and Apparitions. With this knowledge, we can explore
anything from  space, to the afterlife, and to the limits of our imagination.  
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Jeff Miller

The concept of reincarnation, that of an individual dying and then being reborn into another body, has existed in
various religions for at least 3,000 years. The belief most likely arose independently in different areas, and this was
followed by periods in which the concept spread to other regions. It has now spread to the point that there are probably
more people alive who believe in reincarnation than do not.

Reincarnation requires a death of the physical body. In the Christian Bible the scriptures hold that Jesus was the
reincarnation of the prophet Elijah.  Jesus says to Nehemiah, “you must be reborn in order to enter the kingdom of
heaven”.  Is Jesus saying that a number of rebirths is necessary to achieve life cycle perfection? In Christianity, some
groups of early Christians, particularly the Gnostic Christians, believed in reincarnation,

In Judaism, the Kabbalah, the body of teaching based on an esoteric interpretation of Hebrew scriptures, includes
reincarnation, and Hasidic Jews include it in their belief system.

In Hinduism, it is believed that an enduring soul survives after death, spends a variable amount of time in another realm,
and then becomes associated with a new body. Rebirth into the opposite sex or, under certain circumstances, into a
nonhuman animal form is considered possible. Hinduism includes the concept of karma, the idea that the conditions
into which one is born are determined by one's conduct in various previous lives.

Shares some concepts with Hinduism but also has some significant differences. In particular, Theravada Buddhism,
found in the southern parts of Asia, emphasizes in the doctrine of anatta, or no soul, which states there is no enduring
entity that persists from one life to the next. At the death of one personality, a new one comes into being, much as the
flame of a dying candle can serve to light the flame of another. When an individual dies, a new personality is born,
generally first into a nonterrestrial plane of existence followed later by a new terrestrial personality. As in Hinduism,
karma determines the circumstances of subsequent lives, so there is continuity between personalities but not persistence
of identity. For this reason, Theravada Buddhists prefer the term rebirth to reincarnation.

A number of groups of Shiite Muslims in western Asia, such as the Druses of Lebanon and Syria and the Alevis in
Turkey, have a belief in reincarnation that does not include the concept of karma. Instead, they believe that God assigns
souls to a series of lives in different circumstances that are generally disconnected from one another until the ultimate
Judgment Day, when God sends them to heaven or hell based on the moral quality of their actions during all the various

West African Beliefs
The concept of reincarnation is common among the various peoples of West Africa. In general, unlike Hindus and
Buddhists, they believe that rebirth is desirable and that life on Earth is preferable to that of the discarnate, limbo state.
They believe that individuals are generally reborn into the same family and that their souls may split into several rebirths
simultaneously. Some groups believe in the possibility of rebirth into nonhuman animals while others do not.

Inuit and Native American Beliefs
The Inuit and many other Native American tribes, particularly those in the most northern and northwestern parts of
North America, also believe in reincarnation. The details of the beliefs have varied greatly across different groups. Many
do not necessarily expect all individuals to be reborn, but they instead focus on those who have had premature deaths,
such as deceased children being reborn into the same family or dead warriors being reborn with birthmarks
corresponding to their wounds. Many of them also believe that an individual may be reborn simultaneously as several
different people.
Evidence for Reincarnation
In 1961 Ian Stevenson, then the chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, began
investigating cases of young children who claimed to remember previous lives. In a typical case, a child at the age of two
or three would begin to speak spontaneously about another life. Some children described the life of a stranger while
others talked about a deceased individual known to the child's family. In the cases involving a stranger, the child would
often persist with the claims until the family eventually made efforts to locate the family of the previous personality; that
is, the person whose life the child was describing. In many cases, their efforts were successful, and the child would then
meet the family. At these meetings, the child would often be said to identify members of the previous family as well as
items belonging to the deceased individual. Stevenson discovered that such cases were fairly easy to find in many parts of
the world, particularly in Asia. Stevenson and other researchers have collected over 2,500 cases of children claiming to
remember previous lives.

The children who spontaneously report past lives generally describe a life as someone in their own culture.
The lives described are almost always ordinary ones, as the children describe typical family life and routine occupations.
Stevenson found that approximately 60 percent of the children who talk about the mode of death of the previous
personality describe a violent one.
The children studied almost always start talking about the previous lives between the ages of two and five years.  They
almost always stop talking about the previous life between the ages of five and eight, which is generally the age when
children branch out from the family and begin school, and also the age when children tend to lose early childhood
In about 35 percent of the cases, the child bears a birthmark or birth defect that matches a wound of the previous
personality, usually the fatal wound.
50 percent of those describing a violent death show a phobia of the instrument of that death. At times, the phobia will be
present long before the child talks about the previous life; for example, a baby may show an intense fear of water, and
that child later reports a memory of having drowned in the previous life.

Five Possibilities
There are several possible ways in which these cases could arise through normal means. One is fraud, but this is quite
unlikely for the vast majority of cases, given the number of witnesses often involved, the amount of effort that would be
necessary to perpetrate such a fraud, and the lack of motive to do so.
Another possibility is that the children have learned about the deceased person through normal means but then
forgotten where they acquired the information.
A third possibility is that after the families of the subject and the previous personality have met, the family members
credit the subject with having had more knowledge of the prior life than he or she actually had.
In addition to normal means, a possible way to explain the cases would be that the children gain knowledge of the
previous personality through extrasensory perception.
Another possible explanation is reincarnation. These cases, taken at face value, suggest that memories, emotions, a sense
of identification, and even physical features can carry over from one life to the next.

Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or
incarnations.  Under hypnosis the practitioner has the subject identify traumas from past lives that may be influencing the
current life in a negative way. Various interventions such as Matrix Re-Imprinting can be utilized to reduce the impact of
the past life experience on the present.

Okay are you ready? Answer the following questions and write yourself some notes on the blank space on this sheet.
Next refer to the attached “Answers” to see what your replies say about you.
What were your favorite games as a child?
What is your ideal occupation?
What period of history most interests you?
Have you ever experiences Deja Vu?
What type of clothes do you prefer?
What countries would you like to visit?
What talents do you have?
What marks, aliments and scars do you have?
What fears and phobias do you have?
Have you ever dreamed of a historic time?

The Past Life Test Answers
As children our memories of our past life are most clear. Some children remember their other family and other Mum
and Dad. This seems to be the case particularly with children who died suddenly in a previous incarnation. They may
carry forward their memories and retain them in this life.
The games you played as a child reveal some of your old habits and interests. So for example if you loved games about
war and battles this could indicate that you were a soldier or fought in a past life. A girl who loves dolls houses may have
enjoyed married life or having children.
Playing doctors or nurses may show you were a healer, an interest in horses and pets may show you worked with animals
and of course painting, writing and so on could reveal talents you once had.
Boyish girls and girlish boys may have been a different sex in a former incarnation.
What do your notes reveal? Could any of the games you played be clues to who you once were?
If you are drawn to a particular occupation this may be a carry-over from your past spiritual CV.  You may do exactly the
same job as in the past but perhaps in this life you get a chance to enjoy opportunities that were not available in your past
Nobody worked on computers in the past but maybe the nature of the job reflects your past inclination. For example
some people prefer routine tasks, some love to dive into computer code and fix things whereas other may be creative.  
The job you do may not necessarily be a duplicate of something from the past but it may have the same qualities.
Think about the jobs you have done throughout your life.  The one with the most feeling of satisfaction or found most
easy probably mirror the skills you had in your previous incarnation.
Self evident really: If a particular period in history interests you then it is most likely that you have some past life
connection with this era.
Be careful not to allow wishful fantasy overtake you. We would all love to have been someone great, talented or famous
but how many would want to be the village idiot or a villain. Hypnotherapists have noticed that many people who are
regressed claim to have died on the guillotine or have been part of the French court. A huge number claim to have been
Marie Antoinette. Don’t let your romantic fantasy or egotistical expectations overtake your real intuitive insights.
If you have had a sense of being somewhere before, it could be a trigger from a past life. Sometimes people experience
déjà vu when they are tired and the brain has trouble quickly processing short term memory but there may also be
occasions when real past life memories are revealed from a déjà vu flash.
The clothes you wear may reflect your dress from your past life. Practical clothes may hint that your were a working
person, cheap and cheerful may show you had little money in the past and a love of combats or uniforms may show your
fought in the services.  A love of extravagance and the latest fashions may show an artistic or aristocratic past life.   
The countries you are drawn to may hold clues to your previous race. Similarly a hatred towards certain cultures and
races may indicate that you either were in conflicts with other people or had a past life there that you hated.
Any extreme reactions to peoples or places can reveal a lot about who you were. If you were white and prejudiced in a
former life you may be born into a poor African family in this life. Often the tables are reversed and we are born into
lives that we need to learn more about so we can discover more about ourselves and lean qualities such as tolerance and
humanitarianism. Often highly spiritual people may be born into a materialistic society so that the spiritual knowledge
they gained can be actualised into the real world of ordinary life.
The talents you have now reflect the talents you once had in a former life. For most people there is a natural progression
from one skill to another. However people who believe in reincarnation also claim that in some lives we have to have a
reversal of what we once knew. A Beethoven for example may not incarnate again as a composer but have other skills to
learn this time around. When looking for clues to your past life look for those things that strongly attract or repel you and
you will have clues to what went before.
Many cased of past life recall under hypnosis have connected ailments with past life trauma. When the memories are
relived in trance sometimes the ailments disappear. For example a person who may have been burnt at the stake in a
former live may carry a skin rash or eczema in this life. When the memory and the trauma are recalled and accepted the
rash has disappeared.
Fears and phobias are the bad memories we carry with us from a past life. Of course many of there may be caused by
horrible things that have happened to you in this life but irrational fears with no identifiable cause could be something
lingering in your past life memory.
Dreams are a rich source of information about past lives. Dreams of past lives will appear as if out of nowhere with no
triggers from watching TV or reading about past lives. Sometimes people have recalled things that they could not have
possibly have known without a study of history far beyond their present day leaning.