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Port City Paranormal®

Wilmington's oldest and most accomplished paranormal team!  
We are experienced professionals who have joined together to provide
assistance to those having problems that may be paranormal in nature.
investigate and research unexplained phenomena that includes;  Hauntings,
Apparitions, Poltergeist, and  Psi phenomena.
Our goal is to dispel the myths, and eliminate the fear associated with spirit
activity by providing a better understanding of  unexplained events.
As we search for man's connection to the  universe and the
survival of consciousness after death, our organization uses a spiritually based
approach.  To identify and analyze evidence of paranormal activity, we employ
scientific, and sound technical methods.

Port City Paranormal is an ethical research group that promotes a compassionate
and respectful approach to our investigations, to our clients,
and the spirits we encounter.
Port City Paranormal seeks to gather all available information and to look  at each
case as a whole, remaining open minded and objective.

Port City Paranormal is a  proud member of the
Office of Paranormal Investigations, IONS and the Rhine Research Center.

*There are never any charges for our service*

Be certain that we are here to help you first.
We believe, that as our body of knowledge and understanding grows, we can
help bring peace to those who are troubled by the unexplained.

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Port City Paranormal
We are located in the beautiful Port City of Wilmington, N.C.
and we serve where ever we are called.   
Our services are free.

To schedule an investigation or consultation,
call or email us at
Port City Paranormal - We never charge for our services.
Over 69% of US Citizens
believe in some type of
paranormal phenomena.