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"Methods and Techniques of Paranormal Investigation"
at the Rhine Research Center

Port City Paranormal®
(910) 200 6563
Port City Paranormal is a Free Service,
and every case is important
Our award winning evidence has been featured on YouTube, EpicCon, Va Paracon,
Phantom Con, My Ghost Story, Va Paranormal radio,Parachallenged Radio, PEMA-TV,
Wilmington Star News, The Paranormal Observer, Dead Air Radio,
Psychic Teachers Radio, and more.
Presentations include The Asylum, Battleship North Carolina, Ferry Plantation,   The
Asylum II,  Project BB55, Ghosts of the Bellamy Mansion,
The Haunting of Charlie Brownz Downtown Lounge, and
Methods and Techniques of Investigation- at theThe Rhine Research Center.
at McAllister's Deli 6:30 - 9:00 pm
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Meetings on the last friday of each month
March 31, 2017          Celtic Spirits!
Meetings are always Free, and  McAllister's is a great place to meet and eat!
Once a month,  connect with the paranormal with Port City Paranormal.
Various topics each month including Alternate Realities, Ghost Hunting, EVP, Psychic investigations,
metaphysical topics, Poltergeists, case studies, Paranormal Evidence, Psychic protection, House cleanings,
Paranormal equipment and more!
Don't see your topic, call us to suggest one !
All meetings are Free and Open to the public !   
   Nature Spirits come in countless shapes and sizes and belief in these beings is universal.
Explore the world of elementals and the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water with Ashley Dickerson
from State Line Paranormal.
Port City Paranormal is
featured in  ODDITIES
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