The Country Squire
           April 10, 2010  Port City Paranormal ®conducted their  first investigation of the
                          legendary Country Squire Inn and Restaurant.
Our hostess, Mrs. Iris Lennon took  the team on a tour of the area but did not relate
any information of prior paranormal experiences.  The staff and Mrs Lennon met with
Jane before the vigil where the history of the land, buildings, and haunted history were
 The reports of paranormal activity witnessed include whispers, full body apparitions,
pots swinging on racks,shadows moving through halls,and glass breaking.   One
reported event was of  darts being thrown over guests as they dined in the Tavern
 The Country Squire has been in business for 49 years.
The building was built from lumber and logs from the early
1700's(Baronial Hall).  The architecture of the restaurant
was further expanded by the additions of sections of other
old buildings from the area and bricks from the old
Bowden Hotel in Wilmington. The many antiques, old
fireplaces, and darkened corridors add to the possibility of
dining with Spirits!
The Port City Paranormal ®team set up to investigate this famous
restaurant with anticipation of a busy night.  Reports of ghosts,
missing and moving items were well known to us.  Our investigators
had personal recorders and KII meters on when we entered.  
During this visit,  the Baronial Hall( the oldest part of the building)
exibited the most active EMF variations. KII hits were rare in other
Our personal experiences, although not scientific, consisted of  
feelings of being followed and watched during the vigil.
KII sweeps did not detect any EMF that would explain these
feelings.  Cold spots were noted and shadow figures were seen
darting from room to room. One team member reported being
touched by small cold  little fingers while in the Jester's Court.

We reviewed approximately 32 hours of video, and  54 hours of
audio to find over 40 EVP.  No video or still photo evidence was
captured during this investigation. We are currently unable to
determine if some EVP are residual, although  many seem to be
intelligent responses to our questions. Some EVP were clear  but
many seemed garbled, or in another language. The origin of  
messages recorded became more apparent when  played during the
reveal.  Although the messages were not clear to us, they were to our
Scottish hosts! One EVP sounded like the lullaby sung to Miss Iris  
by her mother.

After reviewing the data, we  feel we have captured significant audio
evidence of both active and residual hauntings at The Country
Our personal experiences and those of the owner and staff support
our conclusions.       
We will continue to examine the evidence......and will post more as
we discover each new voice.
{EVP best heard with headphones}
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Bricks from The old
Bowden Hotel-
Wilmington NC
Tavern Room
Country Squire Resturant
Baronal Hall